What is Coaching?

This is from a Toastmasters presentation I performed in January 2012.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I am a Coach. A Life, Empowerment, Success Transformation Coach. I help you manifest the life you want and balance the life you have. I help people identify and achieve their goals while fulfilling their dreams.

Many people confuse what I do with other professions. I am here tonight to provide you with the distinctions of my profession vs. other helping professions.

Some of these distinctions are big and some are small, yet very important.

What comes to mind when you hear the word Coach? For some, the word conjures up the expensive brand of women’s purses. Others think of the coach class on airplanes and busses. Most people think Sports Coach. I knew the industry finally arrived when people stopped asking me regularly, “What sport?” when I told them that I’m a Coach.

A Sports Coach is someone you call when you are looking for an expert to enhance your athletic behaviors or your team’s performance. That person works with you and your team to perform better and to win games.

When you want to know “why” you do the things you do, or why you are not doing the things you want to do, or dealing with emotional issues and family-of-origin issues, you call a Therapist / Psychoanalyst /Counselor. The emphasis here is on the “why”, on emotional issues, and on medical diagnoses.

When you want someone to go out and play with, at any age, who is there for you and you for them over many years, you call your Best Friend. That person, no matter what, has their own opinions and judgments about your life.

When you want lovelorn or relationship advice, you’re going to read Dear Abby.

When you want someone to analyze, advise, and implement solutions, you call a Consultant. That person will tell you what is needed and how to get it.

When you want someone to guide you and share their experiences in a specific area, especially for career development, you call a Mentor.

When you want to learn something new for work or pleasure, you call a Trainer / Teacher.

When you want someone to partner with you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams, you call me, a Life Empowerment, Success Transformation Coach.

I work with you as Accountability Partner – to stand beside you to ensure you stay focused and on-track with what you say you want. When you get stuck, we look at what is holding you back because what you say you want, might be very different from what you actually want.

That might sound confusing. We often times say we want something based on what we think we’re supposed to want, based on what we’ve been told by parents, teachers, clergy, media, and society. What we truly want is based on our values, needs, and secret desires. This is all part of what we work on together.

Coaching is action-oriented and looks toward the future. This is different than the Therapist, who is emotionally-oriented and looking backwards into your history.

As a Coach, I do not tell or advise you on how to behave; we work together to determine your best course of action. I am charged-neutral, meaning that I am objective, without judgment or advise.

Clients come to work with me on a variety of topics –

career development and business growth

organizing systems and time management

life transitions and extreme self-care

work-life balance and self-discovery

making healthy choices and weight loss


So, who ya gonna call when you want to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams?

A Life Empowerment, Success Transformation Coach




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