Soaring Success Stories

"If you’re someone who wants to reach new heights in your personal and professional life and wish you had someone to help you design a master plan to reach your dreams -you’ve just found her! Although I’m a coach myself, Viki’s warmth, wisdom and common sense have been invaluable to me in sorting out my priorities and finally putting my self-care on the top of the list. Her ability to listen, stand up for me and to me and offer practical suggestions have given me insights that I needed to commit to the steps I’ve been putting off taking to reclaim the well being I’ve sacrificed as I built my career. I would recommend Viki anyone who wants to “have it all” and be respectfully and lovingly challenged by a caring and wise partner and guide."
Lisa Yakobi, Speech Writer and Executive Coach

 “Viki has great wisdom. She also has great creativity! A great Coach.”
Judi Talesnick, MCC, Coach University Facilitator
“Viki is very adept at coaching others to expand their perspectives and think outside their box. She helped me to discover my hidden passions and new ways to express my creativity.”
Connie, Decorator and Organizer
“In this incredibly busy world, our power is often usurped by things out of our control and we truly need someone to help us assess our choices and process them effectively. Viki has helped me to realize that I no longer am going to tolerate those things which make me unhappy, cause me pain, or discount my values.”
J.S., Motivational Speaker
“Confiding in Viki helped me realize that I needed a change…
I resigned my corporate job, went back to school, and am now excited about starting my own business.”
R.P., Personal Chef

 “Just before my 62nd birthday, I was downsized out of a management position I held for many years. I was angry, hurt, and scared. Then I found Viki! She helped me to see the possibilities for the future. She was a listener, resource, friend, and a great Coach! I now work part-time and set my own schedule. The added income enables me to enjoy some of the pleasures of retirement. I am busy and happy and needed. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you, Viki”

Maxine Roberts, Retired and Enjoying Life

“Viki helped me reclaim my power and guided me to an awareness that helped me center my life. She is a talented Coach and passionate about her calling.”
Alice N., Dental Hygienist
“Viki was a lifeline when a long term project I had been working on was unexpectedly trashed and removed from my responsibilities. She gave me direction on the best way to document my efforts and where to go from there, while salvaging my self-esteem. One of Viki’s most significant statements to me during our coaching time was very simple, yet very profound. She pointed out, “Don’t be afraid to look at what others are doing in your field of work. Don’t view them as competition. Instead focus on your being the unique individual. You bring your own special skills and background to your business. You are the unique one. Other people do not possess your strengths and talent.”
P.B., Documentary Film Maker
“Viki Andino’s life coaching helped me greatly. I had tried other methods to assess my career goals without results. Once I had a few sessions with Viki, I gained a clearer idea of my desires and personal strengths. I highly recommend her coaching business to anyone who wants to achieve success in their future.”
D.M., Photographer & Graphic Designer
"My office was a complete mess. I couldn’t find anything; orders were being sent late and customer files were often misplaced. Viki helped me to streamline and incorporate a filing system into my workflow. Now everything is organized and within easy reach."
S.W., Unicorn Creations

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