Meet Viki

Coaching is my passion and an essential part of who I am.  I discovered the industry searching for what “I want to be when I grow up”.  Believing that the best success is achieved by following what you are drawn to and comes naturally, I finally had a name for what I had been doing my entire life.

Prior to full-time coaching, I spent many years in the corporate world working as a Project Manager in the Wireless Telecom industry. Although I was successful based on the standards of income and material things, I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Then, one day, while idly flipping through a magazine, I read an article about a new field called Coaching. Right then and there my life had changed forever. My definition of success quickly changed from climbing-the-corporate-ladder to doing what was fulfilling and my life’s purpose.

The next three years were filled with work, school, and the birth of my two daughters.  Life became very hectic. And, a struggling, juggling act.

I determined that the only way to get through everything that needed to be done in a day was to be granted longer days. Since that wasn’t possible, I made lots of changes. Some big, some very slight. Some were about organizing physical space while others were about shifting attitudes and beliefs. All of them made (and still make) a huge difference.

My energy went to being more effective, efficient, and effortless wherever possible. This was the beginning of going from being reactive to being proactive.

On my journey, I met other women who also wanted more from life. They were as out-of-balance as I had been. The more I worked with them, the more I understood they, too, wanted to manifest their dreams and balance their lives.

At home, my husband and I are happily married. We have two daughters, a dog, fish, and turtles.  My outlook on life now is to enjoy what I’m doing and have fun in the process. Even the most mundane chores can be turned into an adventure! Each day brings new experiences and things to learn.


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