COLORganization: How to Organize Through the Use of Color


It is the first day of Spring and the world is blooming. The trees and flowers are flourishing in all their splendor. The world is awash with color. To me, it is glorious!
It is my love of using color to make life flow smoother that lead me to create the COLORganization System. This method of organizing is simple and easy. The only guidelines to follow are to be creative, have fun, and see how many areas of your life can be organized through color.
My passion of color-coding came out when my daughters were young and I was looking for a way to easily identify what belonged to each girl. Their colors, purple and pink, were based on their favorite colors at that time. My husband and I joined in the fun; he picked orange and I went with a darker purple or turquoise. Years later we still keep to these colors as much as we can.
I purchased baskets in the appropriate colors and various sizes and put them around the house. These baskets hold papers or items to be brought into another area of the house. They identify who owns and is responsible for the stuff contained inside.
We continue this family tradition even though the girls are older and the need is not as great. My husband has more orange things than I even realized were produced. I am personally surrounded by a lot of purple and turquoise. The girls have their color-coded items as well and have expanded their color choices as tastes and styles change.
COLORganization can also be applied to calendars and personal organizers. Color markers can be used for hardcopy versions, while most software has options to highlight in color. Outlook has a wonderful color-coding system under “categories” for email and calendar appointments. Gmail has color settings for their “labels”. Word and Excel have font and text highlighting colors.
Being that this is the first day of Spring, you will soon be exchanging the seasonal clothes in your closet. Take this opportunity to do some color organizing. Storage bins now come in a myriad of colors and varying degrees of opaqueness. For instance, my holiday ornaments and lights are kept in a red bin with a green top. The stores are now carrying bins in pastel colors – good for storing your Spring ornaments as well as your warmer weather clothes in the Fall.
This time of year brings tax season as well. After you have compiled your documents and receipts, look at the rest of your files. Are they overstuffed and full of outdated materials? An easy way to organize them is through color-coding. You can use colored file folders or create colorful labels. I use green for bank statements, orange for credit card statements and receipts, yellow for medical, blue for my business files, and purple for outstanding items and information for family activities.
As a family, another area we applied  COLORganization  to is our to entertainment center. We put small, colored dots on the spine of CD covers based on music style. Picking an album based on the type of music is quick and easy. This can be done with DVDs and VHS tapes as well.
The key here is to use whatever you works for you and your family. The cost of implementing a color-coding system is as small or as great as you want. Use whatever colors have meaning to you and don’t be concerned with conventional associations of color (i.e. green = money). Go have fun and make your life a colorful one!
Use the COLORganization System to help you create a smoother life and find things quickly and easily.

1.     Be creative, have fun, and see how many areas of your life can be organized through color.

2.     Have each family member pick their first and second favorite color. These colors need to be different than everyone else’s to eliminate overlap and avoid confusion.

3.     Purchase or label storage bins in all sizes for each person with their color.

4.     Update your filing system with color folders or labels.

5.     Remember, use the colors that you want. There are no right or wrong colors to associate with files, storage bins, or identification systems.


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